NAVIS will foster and facilitate interaction and exchange amongst the graduate students and postdocs involved in the NAVIS’ projects through the following targeted efforts:

  1. Semester abroad visits of students/postdocs to partner institutions to work with a NAVIS PI on a related project. Individual institutions are responsible for finding the funds to cover travel and living expenses. Host institutions/PIs will provide the facilities and mentoring of the student/postdoc.
  2. Virtual lab meetings for the NAVIS students and postdocs to discuss research, tools and recent relevant publications. At least two NAVIS PIs will have responsibility for leading these virtual lab meetings, with each pair sharing that responsibility for one year.
  3. Blog site on NAVIS related research. This will primarily include contributions from students/postdocs who will engage in effective science communication activities aimed at a broad scientific audience. The aim is not only to improve the students/postdocs’ communication skills and increase their interaction but, also, will make the NAVIS website (and potentially other social media outlets) a unique forum where to gather information on the North Atlantic, its variability and its role in climate.