Connecting across the Atlantic to advance scientific understanding

The North Atlantic Ocean is a pivot of our climate system. It is here that warm tropical waters encounter cold Arctic waters. It is here that heat absorbed in the tropics is given up by ocean to warm the atmosphere. It is here that a large amount of carbon dioxide is taken out of the atmosphere and mixed deep into the ocean. It is here that light, warm waters are transformed into dense, cold waters that fill the deep oceans around the planet as part of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC).

Understanding how the North Atlantic is changing and how this, in turn, impacts our climate is a major scientific challenge – and one that can be addressed only through the collaborative work of many scientific teams around the world. NAVIS, a virtual institute, acts as hub for the exchange of knowledge amongst these science teams across international boundaries, across disciplines and methodologies. Its overarching goal is to advance scientific understanding of this key component of our climate system by fostering interaction, exchange, collaboration and education. It also acts as a portal for the dissemination of science to the broader community interested and potentially affected by the North Atlantic and its variability.